Ancient Ireland Books

Newgrange Books

Newgrange Books Newgrange - Archaeology, Art and Legend.
Newgrange and the Bend of the Boyne by Geraldine Stout.
Newgrange and the New Science by Kieran Comerford.
Exploring Newgrange by Liam Mac Uistin.
Newgrange - Temple to Life by Chris O'Callaghan.
Newgrange Speaks for Itself by Jacqueline Ingalls Garnett.


Knowth Books

Knowth and the passage-tombs of Ireland Knowth and the passage-tombs of Ireland by George Eogan.
Ireland in Prehistory by Michael Herity and George Eogan.
Excavations at Knowth Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3, Vol.4, Vol.5, Vol.7
Excavation of an Early Medieval Secular Cemetery at Knowth Site M by Geraldine Stout and Matthew Stout.
Treasures of the Boyne Valley: by Peter Harbison.


Tara Books

The Book of Tara by Michael Slavin The Book of Tara by Michael Slavin.
The Mound of the Hostages, Tara by Muiris O'Sullivan.
The Rath of the Synods: Tara, excavations by Seán P. Ó Ríordáin
Tara - An Archaeological Survey by Conor Newman.
Treasures of the Boyne Valley: by Peter Harbison.


Ancient Ireland: Explorer's and Traveller's Guides

Ancient Ireland Guides The Traveller's Guide to Sacred Ireland.
Ancient Ireland: An Explorer's Guide.
In Search of Ancient Ireland.
Field Guide to Megalithic Ireland.
Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations


Featured Books

Newgrange: Monument to Immortality First Light: The Origins of Newgrange by Robert Hensey.
Newgrange - Monument to Immortality by Anthony Murphy.
Druid's Altar's & Giant's Graves - Megalithic Tombs of Ireland.
Newgrange and the New Science by Kieran Comerford.
Art through the Eyes of the Soul - Art based on sacred sites.
Temples of Stone - Exploring the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland.


Loughcrew Books

Loughcrew Cairns Loughcrew Cairns: A Visitor's Guide
Loughcrew The Cairns a guide by Jean McMann.
Ollamh Fodhla Loughcrew Cairn T.
The Stones of Time by Martin Brennan.
Light Years Ago by Tim O'Brien.


Ancient Ireland Books

Ancient Ireland Books Ireland: Standing Stones to Stormont
Irish Symbols of 3500 BC by N. L. Thomas.
Ireland's Pre-Celtic Archaeological & Anthropological Heritage.
Landscapes of Neolithic Ireland by Gabriel Cooney.
A Little History of Astro-Archaeology by John Michell.
Astronomy in Prehistoric Britain and Ireland


Ancient Ireland Fiction

Spirit Mound Bending The Boyne, ca. 2200 BCE - A Novel by J.S. Dunn.
Spirit Mound - A Novel by Richard F. Fleck.
The Princes of Ireland - A Novel by Edward Rutherfurd.
Winter solstice - A Novel by Lucy Costigan.
The Stonehenge Scrolls - A Novel by K.P. Robbins.
Conan & The Mystical, Magical Light Of Loughcrew.


Ancient and Sacred Sites on DVD & CD

Ancient and Sacred Sites on DVD & CD Standing with Stones DVD - Megalithic Britain and Ireland.
Old News - Ancient Celts in America.
Time after Time DVD - Ancient Celts, Americans & Australians
A Field Guide to Megalithic Ireland CD-ROM.


Books by Martin Brennan

The Stones of Time - Calenders, Sundials and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland by Martin Brennan The Stones of Time - Calendars, Sundials and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland, first published in 1983 as The Stars and the Stones.

The Boyne Valley Vision published in 1980 and long out of print. The book presented an interpretation of the monuments, which challenged the conclusions of earlier studies.


Pre-Christian Ireland

Pre-Christian Ireland Pre-Christian Ireland, From the First Settlers to the Early Celts by Peter Harbison. Although one of the last corners of Europe to have been settled by man, Ireland is particularly rich in prehistoric remains. The great passage-tomb of Newgrange, has become internationally famous since the discovery of its orientation towards the rising sun at the winter solstice, and excavations at the neighbouring tomb of Knowth have given unprecedented insight into the wealth of Irish megalithic art.


Boyne Valley Private Day Tour

Boyne Valley Tours
Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and culture of the Boyne Valley with our full-day private tours. Visit Newgrange World Heritage site, explore the Hill of Slane, where Saint Patrick famously lit the Paschal fire. Discover the Hill of Tara, the ancient seat of power for the High Kings of Ireland. Book Now