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Bending The Boyne Bending The Boyne, ca. 2200 BCE by J.S. Dunn, a novel of ancient Ireland. The author became interested in the megaliths of the Boyne Valley and who built them and why. With the coming of metals and marine traders, the communities and mounds fell into disrepair around the time of 2000 BCE. This novel tells the story of what happened, drawing on the rich characters from early mythology: Boann, the Dagda, Cian, and others. Purchase at or

Newgrange Speaks for Itself Winter solstice - A Novel by Lucy Costigan explores the agonies and the ecstasies of loving and living, and the individual's attempt to cope with the ensuing chaos. This novel is a rich portrayal of love and relationships, loss and healing, and offers readers deep insight into ancient Celtic traditions of spirituality and rebirth. Purchase at or

Dawn Solstice Dawn Solstice by Olivia Kiernan. Archaeologist, Dawn Kennedy, is sent to work at Newgrange. She is drawn to studfarm owner Evan O'Brien but their relationship seems thwarted from the start. The locals talk of The Legend of the Banshee, a harbinger of death and when Dawn is haunted by a strange spectre, she feels the past reach out to her. Soon she is living in fear, fear of love, the banshee and Ireland's fractured history and Newgrange seems to be waiting, waiting for her to love, waiting for her to die. Purchase at or

Spirit Mound Spirit Mound is a novel that focuses on the building of Newgrange when ancient tribes gathered in the Boyne River Valley to form a communal alliance consisting of the wheat tribe, the heron tribe and the wolf tribe. Oonah, chief of the wolf tribe, receives visions to build a spirit connector in which ashes of the deceased were to be placed in an inner chamber. There, during each winter solstice, the sun's rays would energize the spirits to come forth and communicate with the living up to our own time. Purchase at or

The Princes of Ireland The Princes of Ireland is a novel which begins in tribal, pre-Christian Ireland during the reign of the mighty High Kings at Tara.

The prologue to the novel sets the scene of ancient Ireland with the winter solstice at Newgrange the centrepiece.

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The Stonehenge Scrolls The Stonehenge Scrolls by K.P. Robbins.
Did Irish Builders Design Stonehenge? This historical novel says that Irish builders designed Stonehenge. The author K.P. Robbins writes that a guild of monument builders trained at Ireland's Newgrange and then traveled the British Isles to supervise construction of ancient sites, including Stonehenge. Purchase at or

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