Bryn Coldrick

Bryn ColdrickBryn Coldrick is Heritage Consultant from Ireland, currently living in Western Australia, and Director of Amergin Consulting, an Aboriginal heritage consultancy based in Perth.

Bryn has ten years' experience as a Heritage Consultant. Previously, he was an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Archaeologist and EIA Manager for two leading archaeological consultancy firms in Ireland. During this time, he carried out heritage assessments in relation to residential, industrial and commercial developments as well as major infrastructure projects including local, regional and national roads.

Since moving to Australia in 2003, Bryn has worked as a Heritage Assessment Officer at the Western Australian Department of Indigenous Affairs and as a Senior Consultant with a Perth-based public sector management and community consultation firm. Since February 2007, he has been working as a freelance Aboriginal heritage consultant both independently and in collaboration with one of the State's leading consulting anthropologists and fellow Irishman, Dr Edward McDonald.

Bryn established Amergin Consulting in October 2007 and continues to provide Aboriginal heritage advice to a wide range of public and private sector clients including government agencies and multinational mining companies operating in Western Australia's iron-ore rich north. This work takes him all over the State, working closely with Aboriginal communities, including senior Aboriginal Elders, to identify, protect and manage places of heritage value.

Bryn continues to keep an interest in Irish heritage management and regularly returns to Ireland, most recently with Eddie McDonald to present a paper on Aboriginal heritage to the Sixth World Archaeological Congress (WAC 6) at UCD in July 2008. In 2010, he is undertaking a project looking at community engagement techniques in the management of Ireland's heritage.

Earlier in his career, Bryn was a tour guide at the World Heritage Sites of Newgrange and Knowth in the Boyne Valley, Ireland. He has very generously made his Knowth tour guide notes available.

Knowth Virtual Guide - Section 1
Knowth Virtual Guide - Section 2

Knowth Virtual guide - Section 3

Rossin, County Meath Rossin, County Meath - An unofficial place by Bryn Coldrick

Rossin is identifiable as a concentrated settlement overlapping three townlands and two parishes and has long enjoyed the facilities found in an officially recognized village. This book traces the development of Rossin from the 18th century, when it formed part of the only Irish lands of a benevolent absentee landlord, into the 19th century when its flourmill was founded. However, the Great Famine and post-Famine conditions took their toll on Rossin, freezing its development and causing the decline not only of its great mill but also of the community of which it was a part.

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