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URIELLE LEVEL Runic Energy Definitions

1. INDIVIDUALITY (formerly “The Self”): INDIVIDUALITY is the Energy of uniqueness. On the positive side of the Energy continuum it is that which differentiates one person from another, so it requires “the other”, i.e., a relationship with others, not isolation, in order to exist. On the negative extreme, however, that same distinctiveness can result in someone who exhibits bizarre, even weird behavior—an “oddball”. More than mere “personality”, this Energy carries the sense of internal strength, confidence and awareness. It brings a strong self-image and conveys a sense of personal identity and worth; one is sufficiently self-reliant to function without the validation of others, although that could be welcomed. While independence of being is emphasized, it is best exhibited in the context of others, because only by being true to one’s own self/Self can one best serve others and most easily connect with the Divine. As a Base Essence, it contributes a natural sense of self that is unusual and identifiable. An Earth Energy which is ruled by the Sun, it primarily affects the Physical body.

Examples: Shirley MacLaine (+ COMMUNICATION); Henry Kissinger (+ DESTINY); Margaret Thatcher, G.B.* (+ DEFENSE, GATEWAY & BREAKTHROUGH); Pierre Trudeau, Can. (+ BREAK-THROUGH); Jean Chretien, Can.* (+ COMMUNICATION, JOURNEY & VISION); Lucien Bouchard, Can.* (COMMUNICATION, SEPARATION & STRENGTH); Ross Perot (+ CONSERVATION); Jimmy Carter (+ GROWTH); Elizabeth I, G.B. (+ STRENGTH); Martha Stewart (+ SUBSTANCE).

2. PARTNERSHIP: PARTNERSHIP Energy works better in association with others than alone. Sharing comes easily to one with this Energy as a Base Essence, for them joint efforts are preferred to solitary ventures. It is a "social" rather than an "isolated" Energy; companionship and cooperation are important aspects of it, bringing with it a sense of togetherness. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Venus, it primarily affects the Physical body.

Examples: George Mitchell (+ COMMUNICATION); Mark McGwire (+ STRENGTH); Anwar el-Sadat, Egypt (+ ATTUNEMENT); Lucille Ball (+ COMMUNICATION); Aaron, Moses’ brother, Biblical (+ OPENING); Mother Teresa, India* (+ DESTINY, DEDICATION & ATTUNEMENT). Group Energy: Girl and Boy Scouts; dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

3. COMMUNICATION (formerly Signals): COMMUNICATION Energy seeks to impart something, so it needs someone with whom to interact, although this can be oneself (for example, on the Physical Level this can warn of impending illness via symptoms; on the Emotional or the Mental Levels this can herald the arrival of a new awareness or understanding). This is the Energy involved in both vocal and non-vocal (telepathic) exchanges with other humans, as well as our conscious connection with non-humans (animals, plants, etc.) and non-material Beings (Devas, Angels, etc.). When COMMUNICATION is oral, one needs to be sensitive to the effect one’s spoken words has on others. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Mercury, it primarily affects both the Physical and Mental bodies.

Examples: Jean Chretien, Can.* (+ INDIVIDUALITY, JOURNEY & VISION); Lucien Bouchard, Can.* (+ INDIVIDUALITY, SEPARATION & STRENGTH); George Mitchell (+ PARTNERSHIP); Bill Clinton (+ DESTINY); Ricky Martin (+ CREATIVITY); Lauryn Hill (+ GUARDING); Lucille Ball (+ PARTNERSHIP); Shirley MacLaine (+ INDIVIDUALITY); Madonna (+ DEDICATION).

Personal Experiences: COMMUNICATION Energy’s manifested early as a talker and questioner, to the point that I thought my middle names were "seen & not heard", "speak only when spoken to", and "don’t ask so many dumb questions". This at times turned my energy inward so that there were periods of silence that manifested as moodiness. Writing/Journaling became an outlet, as well as learning the art of two-way communication which better facilitated my Base Essences of INTERRUPTION and GATEWAY.

Another writes: in doing her Energy Cleansing Program she discovered she had multiple Energy Blockages on the Mental Level because, as a child, she was told by her parents "you’re a stupid kid", and being a child, she accepted this negativity.

4.SEPARATION: SEPARATION Energy is present when there is a severance or disconnection, when segregation or alienation is present. On the Physical Level, it can indicate the division from good health, i.e., dis-ease; on the Emotional Level it can result from the strain of “downsizing” in the workplace, while on the Mental Level it may be the outcome of the “end” of a project. P.M.H. Atwater’s research into Near Death Experiences of both adults and children reveals that, upon recovery, many (if not most) experience this Energy as detachment. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Uranus, it primarily affects the Physical body.

Examples: Lucien Bouchard, Can.* (+ INDIVIDUALITY, COMMUNICATION, & STRENGTH); Alice Bailey, G.B. (+ JOURNEY); Benjamin "Bebe" Netanyahu, Israel (+ INTERRUPTION); Marlene Deitrich (+ BREAK-THROUGH); Henry VIII, G.B. (+ INTERRUPTION).

Personal Experiences: My runic journey [Runic Pathworking Program] suggests I separate from my partnership (husband) to get JOY. I would not consider separation to mean legal separation or divorce, rather as having a separate interest: going by myself to the dowsers’ groups, to runic workshops, or in pursuit of the esoteric. This is an acceptable and a healthy separation. It adds spice to the relationship and feeds my soul/spirit differently than his.

5. STRENGTH: STRENGTH Energy relates to an inherent or inward capacity to do, to endure or to resist. It gives one power, stamina and durability, thus it can aid in accomplishing some project or in recovering from “dis-ease”. Patience and steadfastness generally accompany it. When used negatively, it can be the Energy of a bully, but one who is truly strong exhibits a gentleness and stability of character that speaks of an Inner Power that needs no outside proof. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Neptune, it primarily affects both the Physical and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Elizabeth I, G.B. (+ INDIVIDUALITY); Victoria, G.B. (+ COMPETENCE); Elizabeth II, G.B. (+ DEDICATION); Prince Charles, G.B. (+ DESTINY); Arnold Schwarzenegger (+ HARVEST); Boris Yelstin, Russia (+ INTERRUPTION); Lucien Bouchard, Can.* (+INDIVIDUALITY, COMMUNICATION, & SEPARATION); Hafiz al-Assad, Syria (+ GUARDING); Mark McGwire (+ PARTNERSHIP); Saddam Hussein, Iraq (+ INTERRUPTION); Jackie Robinson (+ HARVEST); Lou Gehrig (+ FLOW). Group Energy: IRA, N. Ire.

6. JOURNEY: JOURNEY is the Energy of travel with a destination in mind. One is focused on an objective, so that the means of “getting there” are less important than one’s “arrival”. On a Physical Level, the trip is not as important as the arrival (for whatever purpose). On an Emotional Level this may open one to meeting new people, creating new relationships; on a Mental Level this can help one to explore a new concept or a new understanding of an old idea. In contrast to MOVEMENT, which goes forth and back, JOURNEY proceeds forward to a stop; then, it can continue. An Earth Energy ruled by Pluto, it primarily affects both the Physical and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Jean Chretien, Can.* (+INDIVIDUALITY, COMMUNICATION & VISION); David Trimble, N.Ire. (+CONSERVATION); Steven Spielberg (+ ATTUNEMENT); Alice Bailey, G. B. (+ SEPARATION); Brooke Shields (+ HARVEST); Princess Diana, G.B. (+ BREAKTHROUGH)

7.BEGINNING (formerly Initiation): BEGINNING is the Energy of origination. It comes at the inception of new projects, such as the initiation of a new process on the Physical Level (human conception being only one such possibility; a new manufacturing procedure is another). On the Emotional Level it can manifest as new personal relationships, while on the Mental Level it can be the introduction of new ideas; it may be a different presentation of something familiar or a “new look at the old”. It is a new opportunity. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Uranus, it primarily affects the Physical body.

Examples: Alvin Ailey (+ MOVEMENT); Stanley Kubrick (+ BREAKTHROUGH); Jackie Gleason (+DEDICATION); Leonard Bernstein (+ CREATIVITY); Ingrid Bergman (+ BREAKTHROUGH); Salvador Allende, Chile (+ WARRIOR).

8. RESTRAINT (formerly Constraint): RESTRAINT is the Energy of restriction, constraint and inhibition. It is limiting in some way, repressing the natural flow of things. In its positive aspect it keeps one from rushing into situations inadvisably; it causes one to consider/reconsider one’s actions or plans. It does not prevent or even block one; it merely holds one back for a time, allowing reevaluation. In its negative aspect it could manifest as the control of one person over another (physically, as imprisonment; emotionally, as extreme constraint causing fear; mentally, as the stifling of creative ideas). An Earth Energy that is ruled by Saturn, it primarily affects both the Physical and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Richard M. Nixon (+ WARRIOR); King Abdullah, Jordan (+ WARRIOR); Archibald Cox (+DESTINY).

9. CREATIVITY (formerly Fertility): CREATIVITY is the fertile Energy of invention and change. When one is being unusually innovative and productive, this Energy is present. As the Energy of originality, through the process of CREATIVITY it brings the unmanifest into manifestation; it is a “birthing” Energy. An Earth Energy which is ruled by the Moon, it primarily affects both the Physical and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Ricky Martin (+ COMMUNICATION); George Balanchine (+ JOY); Leonard Bernstein (+BEGINNING); Frank Lloyd Wright (+ CONSERVATION); Ludwig van Beethovan, Germany (+ATTUNEMENT).

10. DEFENSE: DEFENSE Energy acts as a safeguard, working to preserve or to restore balance in a situation on whatever level it is needed. It is a bulwark against attack. It is a more passive Energy than GUARDING. An Earth Energy which is ruled by the Sun, it primarily affects the Physical and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Amelia Earhart (+ DESTINY); King Fahd, Saudi Arabia (+ GATEWAY); Margaret Thatcher, G.B.* (+ INDIVIDUALITY, GATEWAY & BREAKTHROUGH); Lech Walesa, Poland (+ WARRIOR). Group Energy: Israel.

Personal Experiences: DEFENSE Energy for me is about not running from perceived aversion, focusing instead on being balanced, using this Energy as a love-based "shield" rather than fear. Using love as a "shield" or force has diffused situations precipitated by radical change & risk taking.

11. GUARDING (formerly Protection): GUARDING Energy acts to assist and to protect. A more outwardly active Energy than DEFENSE, it secures and shields one from harm. It watches out for and screens in-coming Energies. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Mars, it primarily affects both the Physical and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Winston Churchill, G.B. (+ DESTINY);Hafiz al-Assad, Syria (+ STRENGTH);Yasir Arafat, PLO (+BREAKTHROUGH); Lauryn Hill (+ COMMUNICATION); Yitzhak Rabin, Israel (+ WARRIOR).

12. HARVEST: HARVEST is the Energy of “outcome”, of results, of effects. It is the fruition or yield of any work or situation. It is abundance, accomplishment and fulfillment, the end result of any process. In its positive aspect it allows one to accumulate wealth, knowledge or whatever else one’s attention is focused on; in its negative aspect, one tends to selfishly hoard things away. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Jupiter, it primarily affects both the Physical and Mental bodies.

Examples: Brooke Shields (+ JOURNEY); Jackie Robinson (+ STRENGTH); Bill Cosby (+ DEDICATION); George Gershwin (+ ATTUNEMENT); Arnold Schwarzenegger (+ STRENGTH).

13. OPENING: OPENING Energy is that of a timely opportunity, a favorable new chance, and in that way differs from BEGINNING Energy, even though it is present at the start of projects or of new relationships. On a subtle level it can initiate greater sensitivity and awareness, thus it is the Energy of spiritual and metaphysical revelations, expanding and extending the boundaries of understanding. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Arcturus, it primarily affects both the Physical and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Aaron, Moses’ brother, Biblical (+ PARTNERSHIP); Bill Gates (+ COMMUNICATION); Tiger Woods (+DEDICATION); Jennifer Lopez (+ DEDICATION); Candice Bergen (+ ATTUNEMENT); Nat King Cole (+ MOVEMENT).

14. GROWTH: GROWTH is the Energy of development or of re-evaluation. It carries with it the sense of progress, evolution, unfoldment, and deepening, it differs from CREATIVITY Energy. In its positive aspect it also infers the willingness to nourish, to foster, to tend and to take care of whatever idea has flowered or the progression which has been generated. It increases and expands what already exists; it augments and enlarges what is. It implies maturation, although, used negatively, this Energy can evoke only multiplicity without the concurrent wisdom to use it wisely. An Earth Energy which is ruled by the Sun, it primarily affects both the Physical and Mental bodies.

Examples: Carl Jung, Switzerland (+ COMPETENCE); Tyne Daly (+ FLOW); Jimmy Carter (+INDIVIDUALITY); Rosalynn Carter (+ DESTINY); Theodore Roosevelt* (+ GATEWAY, WHOLENESS & JOY).

15. MOVEMENT: MOVEMENT is an Energy of dynamic action, of a change of position in space. Usually, it is repetitive, as in the migration of animals, fish and birds. It can be the comfortable following of one’s intuitive or instinctive Guidance along a path that seems to be new yet feels old, an impulse or inclination of the mind or will. It is the Energy of the Prodigal Son “awakening and returning home”. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Mercury, it primarily affects the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Nelson Mandela, S. Africa (+ VISION); Ray Charles (+ The Unknowable); Che Guevara, Cuba (+DESTINY); Nat King Cole (+ OPENING); Alvin Ailey (+ BEGINNING).

16. FLOW: FLOW Energy is more diffuse and scattered, less focused than MOVEMENT Energy. It has a sense of meandering or drifting, the need to move without the destination being important. The “getting there” is more important than the “arrival”, which also distinguishes it from JOURNEY Energy. Flexibility is present here. It can be as diverse as the running water in a mountain stream, the gushing of a geyser, and the intermittent wandering of a feeding rabbit. An Energy which is ruled by Mercury, it primarily affects the Physical and Mental bodies.

Examples: Tyne Daly (+ GROWTH); Lou Gehrigh (+ STRENGTH); Michael J. Fox (+ JOY); Mikhail Baryshinikov, Russia (+ JOY).

17. INTERRUPTION (formerly Disruption): INTERRUPTION is merely the Energy of change. It is that which disturbs the status quo, breaking into an otherwise stable situation; it unsettles things and disrupts situations. On a Physical Level it is present with “dis-ease”; on the Emotional and Mental Levels it is found as negative thought forms. On a more positive side, it is inherent in so-called miracles-- “acts of Grace”. When this Energy is used negatively, it creates disorder, disarray, disconnection or discontinuance. In reality, it is only change—for good or ill, depending upon your reaction or intention to it (do you resist change? do you “let go and let God”?; do you instigate change?). An Earth Energy which is ruled by Uranus, it primarily affects both the Physical and Emotional bodies.

Examples: Henry VIII, G.B. (+ SEPARATION); Adolf Hitler, Germany (received this as a Base Essence from both his parents); Jorg Heider, Austria (+ COMPETENCE); Boris Yeltsin, Russia (+ STRENGTH); Benjamin "Bebe" Netanyahu, Israel (+ SEPARATION); Saddam Hussein, Iraq (+ STRENGTH).

Personal Experiences: A man employed by the State of Vermont was emotionally stressed by having a departmental boss who insisted on coming over to his desk several times a day and checking into what he was doing; the man received permission to dowse his boss’ Base Essences and discovered that one was INTERRUPTION; knowing this allowed him to accept the man’s interference easily, as he realized his boss was simply "doing his thing" by acting out his INTERRUPTION Base Essence.

Another writes: INTERRUPTION Energy was internalized as impatience, rocking the boat, restlessness, disturber of the status quo. Upon conscious awareness of this Base Essence there developed a sense of acceptance, incorporating the effects more tactfully with my everyday living & being able to be a catalyst for change—for "miracles" to occur in not only my life but others as well.

18. COMPETENCE: COMPETENCE is the Energy of practicality, efficiency and effectiveness. It carries overtones of dependability and reliability, of diligence and thoroughness. It is the capability and infers capacity to do that which is required. Note that it is an active Energy, not a passive one (although it occurs when one cooperates with Life, not when one tries to dominate it). It is an activity of conscious cooperation. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Pluto, it primarily affects both the Physical and Mental bodies.

Examples: Dwight D. Eisenhower (+ DESTINY); Jorg Heider, Austria (+ INTERRUPTION); John F. Kennedy (+ VISION); Carl Jung, Switzerland (+ GROWTH); Michael Jordan (+ SUBSTANCE); Victoria, G.B. (+STRENGTH). Group Energy: Sinn Fein wing of the IRA, N. Ire.

19. SUBSTANCE (formerly Possessions): SUBSTANCE is the Energy of manifestation from the core or matrix of Life. It involves control or dominion over that which is manifest, leading one into abundance. It is the quintessential “soul stuff” out of which one creates on the material, third-dimensional level. It is that which lies behind “Possessions”, its earlier name. It is the Energy which reaches into the implicate or unmanifested level and brings forth into the explicate or visible plane. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Jupiter, it affects the Physical, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Mia Hamm (+ UNIVERSALITY); Michael Jordan (+ COMPETENCE); Bill Gates (+ OPENING); Henry Ford (+ JOY); Elizabeth Taylor (+ DESTINY); Martha Stewart (+INDIVIDUALITY).

20. JOY: JOY is the most fragile or easily strained of all the Energies. When any of the other Energies are in tension, their stress reduces JOY. The addition of JOY Energy adds happiness, a sense of pleasure or delight to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the circumstances and the modifying effect of other Energies. The sense of this Energy can range from quiet satisfaction through merriment, pleasure, enjoyment and happiness to exaltation, rapture and ecstasy. It brings a greater degree of understanding and light to circumstances, which leads to hope. This is not an Earth Energy, but it is ruled by Venus; it affects all four bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Examples: Henry Ford (+ SUBSTANCE); George Balanchine (+ CREATIVITY); Theodore Roosevelt* (+WHOLENESS, GROWTH & GATEWAY); Michael J. Fox (+ FLOW); Mikhail Baryshinikov, Russia (+ FLOW).

Personal Experiences: We created a Path of JOY. With intent, my husband and I planted a row of heather [which carries the Base Energy of JOY] as a partition on a path leading to a walkway in the woods. In another area of the walkway we planted raspberries [which carry the Energy of JOY]. Neither the heather nor the raspberries bloom well, but visitors to the area have stopped seeing the walkway as a mosquito infested swamp and see instead a beautiful, natural oasis in the midst of a major city. Song birds are plentiful, and most of the little pebbles in the area are "doing" JOY.

21. WARRIOR: WARRIOR is the Energy of vitality, courage, strength of purpose and the will to survive. This Energy gives a quality of temperament that enables one to stand fast in the face of opposition, hardship or danger. If one previously has been more passive in meeting Life’s challenges, this Energy allows one to take a stand on a matter and to defend it successfully. WARRIOR Energy strengthens one’s sense of right-and-wrong and gives the additional motivation to follow through on what one considers to be “right”. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Mars, it affects all four bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Examples: Robert the Bruce, Scotland (+ VISION); Joshua, Biblical (+VISION); Gerry Adams, N.Ire.* (+GUIDANCE, BREAKTHROUGH & VISION); Hillary Rodham Clinton (+ DESTINY); Lech Walesa, Poland (+DEFENSE); Richard M. Nixon (+ RESTRAINT); Salvador Allende, Chile (+ BEGINNING); King Abdullah, Jordan (+ RESTRAINT); Yitzak Rabin, Israel (+ WARRIOR).

Personal Experiences: Our home bears the footprint of WARRIOR. My husband, a structural engineer by trade, designed and built our house. It has a single story portion near the street end and a double story hexagon rising in the rear which mimics the topography. If you draw the foundation wall, you have an arrow pointing south. Our commitment to conservation and maintaining spiritual integrity at our point in the universe is that of a spiritual warrior.

22. GATEWAY: GATEWAY is the Energy of the threshold. Without disregard for past lessons, this Energy allows one to move forward; it opens one to change, to development. It is a transitional Energy which opens one to risk-taking, thus a sense of expectancy and initiative accompany it. This Energy can manifest either as an interval of time or a set of circumstances which mark the beginning of a new state of consciousness or actions, depending upon whether it is acting upon the Mental, Emotional or Physical bodies.

Examples: George Washington (+ VISION); Theodore Roosevelt* (+ GROWTH, JOY & WHOLENESS); Mikhail Gorbachev (+ VISION); Mohandas Ghadhi, India (+ ATTUNEMENT); King Fahd, Saudi Arabia (+DEFENSE);Walter Chronkite (+ VISION); Camilla Parker Bowles, G.B. (+ DESTINY); Margaret Thatcher, G.B.* (+ INDIVIDUALITY, DEFENSE & BREAKTHROUGH).

Personal Experiences: GATEWAY Energy manifested itself in my life as a dare-devil, abandoning "safe situations" for the unknown, reckless behavior. It wasn’t that I disregarded past experiences, or others’ experiences, or ran away from uncomfortable situations, it just seemed to make sense not always to base present decisions on past experiences. Understanding this "risk-taking" element has afforded a more conscious acceptance of relationships, locations, concepts as an intricate part of who I am.

23. GUIDANCE: GUIDANCE is the Energy of direction and influence. It is an Energy which goes with one to lead the way, hence it directs any course of action. Just as the stars have guided the navigational course of mankind since early history, this Energy guides us in a manner similar to an airport’s “Omni Beacon”, which leads an airplane to a safe landing. When one is in tune and following one’s GUIDANCE Energy, one is assured of a protected path in life. This is the Energy of intuition. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Jupiter, it affects all fours bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Examples: Norman Vincent Peale (+ ATTUNEMENT); Edgar D. Mitchell (+ ATTUNEMENT); Billy Graham (+VISION); Gerry Adams, N. Ire.* (+ WARRIOR, BREAKTHROUGH & VISION); Tina Turner (+ STILLNESS); Franklin D. Roosevelt (+ UNIVERSALITY); Marie Curie, France (+ WHOLENESS).

Personal Experience: GUIDANCE is my knowingness or intuitiveness. To accept and use the inner guidance as an integral part of who I am is just as important, if not more so, than the other five senses. Failure to acknowledge this is like intentionally wearing eye patches, ear plugs, gloves or nose plugs to deaden the effects on my life. GUIDANCE has facilitated the use of conscious intent with INTERRUPTION and GATEWAY Energies, as well as COMMUNICATION and DEFENSE.

24. BREAKTHROUGH: BREAKTHROUGH Energy enables one to meet challenges in a new way; it brings into focus a different view of the situation so that an additional insight can be brought into play, allowing a new level of understanding to be reached (whether within one’s self or in regard to outer circumstances). It can lead to a release or renewal, even to enlightenment or transformation. While it may be threatening to some, if one will persevere, a demonstration or rebirth is possible; if one finds the change too daunting or is unwilling to accept that opportunity which this Energy brings, then one is faced with stifling stagnation. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Uranus, it affects all four bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Examples: Moses, Biblical (+ ATTUNEMENT); Princess Diana, G.B. (+ JOURNEY); Gerry Adams, N. Ire.* (+WARRIOR, GUIDANCE & VISION); Yasir Arafat, PLO (+ GUARDING); Stanley Kubrick (+ BEGINNING); Albert Einstein, "world citizen" (+ DEDICATION); Paramahansa Yogananda* (+ DESTINY, STILLNESS & THE UNKNOWABLE); Margaret Thatcher, G.B.* (+ DEFENSE, INDIVIDUALITY, & GATEWAY); Marlene Deitrich (+ SEPARATION); Ingrid Bergman (+ BEGINNING); George Washington Carver (+ ATTUNEMENT); Pierre Trudeau, Can. (+ INDIVIDUALITY).

Personal Experiences: The "A-ha" peak experience I had at Clava Cairns, Scotland, was transforming for me, not only in opening a new vista for me but in infusing me with the Energy for positive change.

25. STILLNESS (formerly Standstill): STILLNESS is the Energy of quietude. In its most positive aspect it is present in the silence of meditation, although used negatively it is present in impasse or stalemate. It brings one to a halt, giving time for self-examination. Physically, it is present in illness, where one needs rest in order to recover. Emotionally, it can cause self-doubt and depression, as well as manifesting in the attitudes of stubbornness or persistence. Mentally, it is there in times of peacefulness, quietude and calm. When one can achieve this on a Spiritual Level, one can rest in it as in the eye of a hurricane, no matter what outer chaos surrounds one. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Saturn, it primarily affects both the Mental and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Tina Turner (+ GUIDANCE); Paramahansa Yogananda* (+ BREAKTHROUGH, DESTINY & THE UNKNOWABLE); Franklin D. Roosevelt* (+ GUIDANCE, DESTINY & UNIVERSALITY). Group Energy: Protestant Ulster Unionists, N. Ire.

Personal Experiences: In the silence of meditation I attune to my own High Self and invite my Angels to communicate with me; it is in the STILLNESS that I’m given my GUIDANCE.

26. WHOLENESS: WHOLENESS is the Energy of completeness on an individual scale. It gives one a sense of personal unity, harmony and balance by connecting the self to the Self. In spite of any negativity of circumstances, a person who can be, “do”, or use this Energy will find harmony within self. This inner harmony will affect outer circumstances. On a Physical Level this Energy manifests as good health, while Emotionally and Mentally there is an integrity of character which is so integral to one’s being it is noticeable to all. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Chiron, it affects all four bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Examples: Shania Twain (+ UNIVERSALITY); Theordore Roosevelt* (+ GROWTH, GATEWAY & JOY); Marie Curie (+ GUIDANCE); Jonas Salk (+ CONSERVATION).

Personal Experiences: Even before I knew about rune symbols, I was drawn to the glyph of WHOLENESS; when I learned of its definition and did an Energy Cleansing Program, I discovered it was one of my Base Essences. Knowing this has helped me take a pro-active role in my own healing opportunities, allowing me to choose alternative/complementary modalities whenever I felt led to do so, rather than to be "stuck" in the allopathic tradition.

27. ATTUNEMENT: ATTUNEMENT is the Energy of commitment to equilibrium and to harmony. It permits one to balance one’s own life—inner and outer, material and spiritual, etc.—integrating them, which affects outer, manifest situations. On a Physical Level this can manifest as “centering”, which, working through the other Levels will promote spiritual growth. It brings accord into otherwise disharmonious situations, opening them to reconciliation. An Earth Energy which is ruled by Polaris, it affects all four bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Examples: George Washington Carver (+ BREAKTHROUGH); Ludwig van Beethoven, Germany (+CREATIVITY); Steven Spielberg (+JOURNEY); Mohandus Gandhi, India (+ GATEWAY); Candice Bergen (+OPENING); Anwar el-Sadat (+ PARTNERSHIP); George Gershwin (+ HARVEST); Norman Vincent Peale (+ GUIDANCE); Edgar D. Mitchell (+ GUIDANCE); Billy Graham (+ GUIDANCE); Moses, Biblical (+BREAKTHROUGH); Jacques-Yves Cousteau, France (+ CONSERVATION); Mother Teresa, India* (+PARTNERSHIP, DESTINY & DEDICATION).

28. DESTINY: DESTINY is the Energy of the power to determine the course of events and can be a strongly spiritual force. It is an Energy which may be sensed early in the life of one who carries it as a Base Essence (but sometimes this realization comes later in life). In the life of such a person events unfold progressively in a manner that leads him/her almost relentlessly to a position of prominence. He/she may have the power to affect policies or actions which can change the lives of other people, but this is not a predetermined or preordained result. As one becomes aware and exercises free will, the choice is not only whether one will use it or not, but whether positively or negatively. An Earth Energy which is ruled by the Sun, it primarily affects both the Mental and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Franklin D. Roosevelt* (+ GUIDANCE, STILLNESS & UNIVERSALITY); Elizabeth Taylor (+SUBSTANCE), Winston Churchill, G.B. (+GUARDING); Hillary Rodham Clinton (+ WARRIOR); Bill Clinton (+ COMMUNICATION); Paramahansa Yogananda* (+ STILLNESS, BREAKTHROUGH & THE UNKNOWABLE); Robert F. Kennedy (+ THE UNKNOWABLE); Camilla Parker Bowles, G. B. (+ GATEWAY); Amelia Earhart (+ DEFENSE); Rosalynn Carter (+ GROWTH); Che Guevara, Cuba (+ MOVEMENT); Archibald Cox (+ RESTRAINT); Henry Kissinger (+ INDIVIDUALITY); Dwight D. Eisenhower (+COMPETENCE); Franklin D. Roosevelt * (+ STILLNESS, GUIDANCE & UNIVERSALITY); Mother Teresa, India (+ PARTNERSHIP, ATTUNEMENT & DEDICATION).

29. CONSERVATION: CONSERVATION is the Energy of preservation; one who has this as a Base Essence or who “does” this Energy is involved in keeping people, things, and the planet safe and sound. One preserves something unimpaired from loss, (as in museums, historical societies , libraries or archives) or is involved in the efforts to protect and save the Earth and its environment. One who has this as a Base Essences is known to be a “pack rat”, while one who only “does” this Energy is merely an every-day collector. An Earth Energy ruled by Saturn, it primarily affects both the Physical and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: John Muir (+ VISION); Jacques-Yves Cousteau, France (+ ATTUNEMENT); David Trimble, N. Ire. (+ JOURNEY); Ross Perot (+ INDIVIDUALITY); Jonas Salk (+ WHOLENESS); Frank Lloyd Wright (+CREATIVITY). Group Energy: The Sierra Club; Green Party.

Personal Experiences: My husband and I have a rock which clearly displays the CONSERVATION rune. Our home is amidst land protected by town, state & federal wetlands acts. For many years we gathered fieldstones & built stone walls to define & beautify our property. One stone, which we acquired from the now defunct town dump, is a common plain field- stone within which is fused a white diamond shaped piece of granite. This stone now sits in the middle of a garden, as do we, grooming, preserving and loving nature.


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30. DEDICATION: DEDICATION is the Energy of devotion to a special purpose; it sets apart consciously for a particular use, as in the dedication of a child to Spirit (while in the womb) or the allotment of a specific time period for a particular cause. It is the Energy of commitment and is frequently paired with the Energy of DESTINY, although not always. An Earth Energy ruled by Saturn, it primarily affects both the Physical and Spiritual bodies.

Examples: Mother Teresa, India* (+ PARTNERSHIP, DESTINY & ATTUNEMENT); Elizabeth II, G.B. (+STRENGTH); Prince Charles, G.B. (+ STRENGTH); Tiger Woods (+ OPENING); Albert Einstein, "world citizen" (+ BREAKTHROUGH); Eleanor Roosevelt (+ UNIVERSALITY); Jackie Gleason (+ BEGINNING); Bill Cosby (+ HARVEST); Madonna (+COMMUNICATION); Jennifer Lopez (+ OPENING).

31. THE UNKNOWABLE (formerly known as The Blank Rune): THE UNKNOWABLE is the Energy of the individual’s unlimited potential, thus, it is both incomprehensible and unfathomable on a conscious level, being mystical in nature. It is the inexhaustible area of the implicate order. As a Base Essence, it is usually bestowed by Spirit but can be given by one’s physical parents. This Energy carries with it a sense of nourishment by the Infinite. It helps one to contemplate the vastness of Self, not self, within the boundless and unlimited realm of unmanifested Energies. This is not an Earth Energy; this Energy comes from and is ruled by Spirit or Creative Principle; it primarily affects the Spiritual body.

Examples: Robert F. Kennedy (+ DESTINY); the Dali Lama, Tibet (+ UNIVERSALITY); Paramahansa Yogananda* (+ BREAKTHROUGH, DESTINY & STILLNESS); James Watson (+ VISION); Ray Charles (+MOVEMENT).

32.VISION: VISION is the Energy of the insubstantial, the imagined, the imagination, or the unlimited view. It is the “seeing” of potential possibilities. This Energy is rarely given by one’s physical parents. Usually, it is given by Spirit and may come at any time of life to anyone who is ready for it. Used positively this Energy allows one to envision things/ideas/concepts far beyond one’s daily experience; negatively used, it can be wasted in idle daydreaming. This is not an Earth Energy but comes from and is ruled by Spirit or Creative Principle; it primarily affects the Spiritual body.

Examples: Mohandas Gandhi, India* (+ GATEWAY, ATTUNEMENT, & UNIVERSALITY); Gerry Adams, N. Ire.* (+ WARRIOR, GUIDANCE & BREAKTHROUGH); Jean Chretien, Can.* (+ INDIVIDUALITY, COMMUNICATION, & JOURNEY); John F. Kennedy (+ COMPETENCE); Nelson Mandela, S. Africa (+MOVEMENT); Martin Luther King (+UNIVERSALITY); James Watson (+ THE UNKNOWABLE); Walter Chronkite (+GATEWAY); Robert the Bruce, Scotland (+ WARRIOR); Joshua, Biblical (+ WARRIOR); John Muir (+CONSERVATION); Billy Graham (+ GUIDANCE).

Personal Experiences: We use the shape of VISION to create many little gardens in our yard. One favorite and oft-repeated design is using a half oval shape cut into a hill, backed with a curved stone wall in front of which flowers are planted. We used the same idea inside by creating concave brick walls behind our wood-burning stove and as a fireplace chimney, linking VISION with Light.

33. UNIVERSALITY: UNIVERSALITY is the Energy of conscious connectedness, of Brotherhood. It infers genuine and loving involvement with others, interdependence, integration, synthesis, inclusiveness, and impartiality. It is an all-embracing, all-inclusive Energy. Under usual circumstances, this is an Energy granted by Spirit to anyone who is genuinely open to it, however, it may be given by one’s physical parents as a Base Essence on rare occasions. It applies not only on this plane, but it is a key to progression to higher dimensions. While WHOLENESS, is completeness on an individual level, UNIVERSALITY is completeness on a larger, more cosmic scale. It is Omnipresence. It carries the sum total of all Energies on all Levels. This is not an Earth Energy; this Energy comes from and is ruled by Spirit or Creative Principle. It primarily affects the Spiritual body, although it functions on all Levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual.

Examples: Martin Luther King (+ VISION); Eleanor Roosevelt (+ DEDICATION); Franklin D. Roosevelt* (+GUIDANCE, DESTINY & STILLNESS); Shania Twain (+ WHOLENESS); Mia Hamm (+ SUBSTANCE); the Dali Lama, Tibet (+ THE UNKNOWABLE); Mohandas Gandhi, India* (+ GATEWAY, ATTUNEMENT & VISION).


Individuals listed carry this energy as a Base Essence as well as those Essences which are listed in the ( ). *Denotes individuals who carry more than two Base Essences. Occasionally, you will find a Group Energy given. Personal experiences are shared to give further insight.

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