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Archetypal Energy Programs

by Universal Vibrational Energies

  • Personal Energy Cleansing Program - removes past and present energetic blockages of this life on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Levels and which can enhance positive Energy Patterns. Once this basic Program has been completed, it is recommended that a periodic "Maintenance Program" be done to keep additional energy blockages from forming. The Maintenance Program is similar to the basic Program, but it is generally shorter; some people do it once a year, others monthly (timing would depend on your lifestyle and the level of stress with which you live).

  • Past Life Program - enables you to remove energy blockages brought over from previous lives while enhancing strengths from those lives. Design your Program so as to seek out only those past lives that affecting this particular life; its purpose is not a light-hearted romp into the past to discover if you were Cleopatra, Aristotle, or King Arthur. If you do it seriously, the Program can explain various attractions and fears relating to certain people and/or places. If you have had unpleasant experiences in a past life, uncovering the blockages left by them helps you deal with and/or remove their effects. Likewise, when you have had a particularly strong character trait in one life, this Program can help you reconnect with that strength.

  • Proxy Program -  similar to the Personal Energy Cleansing Program but is done by one person for another (but only with permission, which may be gained either by asking the person directly or by your High Self asking his/her High Self for it. If permission is refused: do not take upon your self the karma of doing it against the will of the person involved). Usually, it has been done by a parent for a child or one spouse for another, although occasionally it has been by one friend for another. If you haven’t completed your own Personal Energy Cleansing Program, do not do this one, as you’re not a clear channel, energetically speaking.

  • Prosperity Program uses the concepts and methods learned in the Basic Energy Cleansing Program to create a Program with a prosperity focus.

  • Celtic Rune Blessing Program was developed as a gift to share with others (for weddings, birthdays, etc.); in using it, you give the recipient the understanding of the Energies which are involved in that situation so that they may handle it with greater ease. Again, this differs from divination due to the attention paid to the Energies themselves and the free will of the individual to choose his/her response to the information; nothing is "set in stone" in this Program.

  • Garden Program gives an example of how one person, while doing a Past Life Program, was led to work on both the URIELLE and the MICHAEL Levels in discovering the Energy Archetypes already established between his plants and various sacred objects, stones, etc., which were in his yard. This knowledge would empower you to plan further gardening work with the different Runic Archetypes consciously in mind.



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  • Rune Energy Reading Process differs from divination. Although there are two people involved and one "reads the Energy of Runic Stones chosen by dowsing or intuitive guidance by the other (can be used in conjunction with "Angel Cards", etc., for a "double blind" check of accuracy), the "reader" explains the Energies either being done presently or coming into the other’s life so that they may be recognized dealt with in a positive way. It is not something predetermined but rather a look at the Energetic matrix in which the other is working presently.

  • Runic Pathworking Journey depicts different Runic Energies as a sequential pattern which may describe either your life process or a particular issue, phase or time period. It differs from traditional divination in that it relates to the Runic Energies with which you are involved during that process, issue or time period; from knowing the Energies with which you’re working, it allows you to understand your options more clearly.

  • Soul Group is the discovery of the interconnectedness of Souls which choose to reincarnate repeatedly as a group. You might find this in your family, with friends or in a job situation where there is karma to be worked out. This Program can help you better understand the group dynamics with which you are involved and even appreciate the challenges being met and lessons possible to be learned. On a much higher level of Energies (which are available to advanced students studying with Certified Teachers), the Karass relates not only to much more subtle levels of Energies but also to a higher purpose of the group of Souls incarnating together.

  • Runic Energy Template Program - combines Runic Energies, the Medicine Wheel, and the Celtic Circle of the Year. By working with it, you may access both the Interdimensional and Multidimensional aspects of the Runic Energies.

  • Advanced Level Programs are recommended only for those who have done extensive Inner Work, either through the Runic Energy Programs or other modalities so that you are very clear energetically. These Programs are larger in scope, such as "healing the Earth", "synchronization of Earth/animal Energies", "celestial healing", etc. While a list of such programs is provided, as well as suggested tools, these are to be only a launching pad for your own Guidance.

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