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MICHAEL LEVEL Runic Energy Definitions

34. EQUILIBRIUM: A state of balance and/or poise. It can indicate the ability of stabilization or a personality which is steadying to those around him/her. On a Physical Level this Energy manifests as good health; on an Emotional Level it brings self-assurance; and on a Mental Level, self-control. It is a more subtle level of the Energy of WHOLENESS.

35. HAPPINESS: Beyond a state of well-being, contentedness, delight, and blissfulness, this Energy is another aspect of the Energy of JOY. By gladdening the heart, this Energy can transport one to an enraptured state if allowed to persist. Like JOY, however, it is equally fragile and disappears at the slightest stress.

36. FOCUS: A center of interest, a hub around which things evolve. As Polaris has served humanity for eons as the pole star for navigational purposes, just so one’s focal point or center of attention can guide one into his/her true Self. This Energy is a higher frequency of both GUIDANCE and ATTUNEMENT Energies.

37. CONCENTRATION: A state of undivided attention, enthrallment, raptness, a point of convergence. This Energy brings a consolidating, unifying intensity to whatever it is fixed upon—for good or for ill. It is a higher level of the combined Energies of DESTINY and DEDICATION.

38. CONTAINMENT: A state of inclusion, comprehension, encompassment. This Energy is a higher level of CONSERVATION Energy, and it allows one to bring oneself under control on a variety of levels—Physical, Emotional, and Mental. When this self-possession is maintained, it is possible for one to become serene and tranquil. As a higher level of RESTRAINT Energy, however, one can feel “boxed in”.

39. INTENSITY: A state of enhanced or heightened awareness; a sense which can be either exquisite or terrible, depending on its point of focus. This Energy is a higher level of CREATIVITY Energy, and, as such, can be extreme in its degree, power or effect.

40. PLATEAU: A level state of consciousness at which one arrives after a period of growth. One rests as long as it is necessary to assimilate the lessons previously learned before progressing. This is a more subtle level of STILLNESS Energy.

41. ILLUSION: The experience of fantasy, that is, a play of the mind. It is a perception that may mislead, give a false impression or appearance. This Energy is a higher level of the combined Energies of GATEWAY, GUIDANCE and BREAKTHROUGH.

42. REALITY: The quality of being real; actuality, which to some may not mean third dimensionality; to most it means materiality or factual existence in the third dimension. In point of fact, this Energy is a combination on a higher level of the Energies of SUBSTANCE (the matrix of materiality), THE UNKNOWABLE (unlimited potential) and UNIVERSALITY—therefore, it is Reality with a capital “R”.

43. HARMONY: The effect produced when different things come together without clashing; agreement; accord; oneness. This Energy is present when people and/or things exist together without conflict or incongruity. On the Physical Level it can be the pleasant arrangement of material items or the fact that people of different backgrounds and beliefs choose to live together without discord. On the Emotional Level it exists when one’s personal emotions are sorted out and understood. Mentally, it is present when ideas and new concepts are exchanged with the good of the whole paramount. It is a more subtle level of the combined Energies of CREATIVITY and UNIVERSALITY.

44. DEATH AND REBIRTH: This does not relate to physical death. The “end” is the “beginning” on another vibrational Level; it is not synonymous with reincarnation, as it relates to a vibratory progression. It has been said that “every day we die a little”, but it is equally true that every day we have the opportunity to release outworn ideas and to grow into new concepts of Life and Living. This constant shedding of the old and coming forth renewed is symbolized by the snake shedding its skin. This Energy is a remarkable combination on a higher level of the Energies of INDIVIDUALITY, SEPARATION, JOURNEY, OPENING, GROWTH, and FLOW.

45. EMERGENCE: A state of origination, of springing forth, of proceeding. Physically, this Energy is present when anything new materializes (as when babies are born or new products created); Emotionally and Mentally it is present when “A-ha!” moments occur which bring to one new feelings and allow fresh ideas to come into one’s experience and consciousness. This is a higher level of the combined Energies of BEGINNING, HARVEST, OPENING and GROWTH.

46. MISSION: A continuing task to which one is destined or specially called to undertake; one’s calling or lifework. A higher vibratory form of the Energies of DESTINY, DEDICATION, and THE UNKNOWABLE Energies. This Energy relates to one’s goal or purpose.

47. REINCARNATION: After the death of one body the Soul takes on another third dimensional, material body in which to continue to learn and to grow. This Energy is a different vibratory frequency of SEPARATION as it temporarily parts one’s material form and memory from one’s Soul. This Energy is a more subtle form of both MOVEMENT and GROWTH, as it gives the opportunity to change patterns made in earlier existences. Additionally, this Energy is a higher form of GUIDANCE, so each one can be assured not only of help from one’s own High Self but of Angelic assistance as well.

48. ACCEPTANCE: The act of willingly taking what is offered by the Universe; the voluntary undertaking of what one perceives to be one’s responsibility (which could encompass the understanding of a karmic relationship or debt). This Energy allows one to be in a state of vulnerability without fear, knowing that the Universe will provide whatever is needed on any and all Levels. It is a more subtle form of the following Energies: DEFENSE, OPENING, GROWTH, WARRIOR, ATTUNEMENT and VISION.

49. EXPANSION: A state of increase or unfolding, as in understanding; an amplification or enlargement, as in being able to express oneself more fully. This Energy is a higher dimension of the Energy of GROWTH.


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50. ABUNDANCE: A state of prosperity and well-being; it indicates a person who is thriving, who has enough and to spare. A more subtle vibratory frequency of HARVEST, SUBSTANCE and GATEWAY, one has reaped the benefits of the Energy matrix of the Universe and has brought them into manifestation.

51. DETACHMENT: Freedom from bias or emotion; a stage of Soul progression in that one is no longer strongly connected to third dimensional happenings or relationships. P.M.H. Atwater’s research shows that almost all Near Death Experiencers have little sense of attachment to the Physical, whether it be of their body, or material possessions or even in regard to interpersonal relationships. It is understandable, then, that this Energy is a higher vibratory frequency of both SEPARATION and GROWTH.

52. MASTERY: A state of power, authority; it indicates a person who has a thorough knowledge of his/her area of interest.

53. RECEPTIVITY: A state of willingness to receive knowledge, material manifestation, and/or validation. A person “doing” this Energy is open to ideas. This Energy combines a number of URIELLE Level Energies: COMMUNICATION, CREATIVITY, OPENING, GROWTH, GUIDANCE, BREAKTHROUGH, ATTUNEMENT, THE UNKNOWABLE and VISION.

54. INSPIRATION: A divine or seemingly divine imparting of knowledge; a sudden, brilliant idea. This Energy is present in a moment of sudden enlightenment or illumination, such as a Kundalini experience. It is a higher level of the URIELLE Level Energies of COMMUNICATION, CREATIVITY, THE UNKNOWABLE and VISION.

55. INSIGHT: The ability to perceive and understand the true nature of something; wisdom; gnosis; discernment. As intuition, the Energy manifests as “second sight” or “sixth sense”. It is the immediate “knowingness” of something (or of someone) not readily apparent through the use of the usual five senses. It is a higher level of the URIELLE Level Energies of INDIVIDUALITY, COMMUNICATION, OPENING, GUIDANCE, BREAKTHROUGH, ATTUNEMENT and VISION.

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