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Runic Energy Labyrinth

by Universal Vibrational Energies

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Runic Energy Archetypes: A New Concept of Runes

by Universal Vibrational Energies

This is a new way to relate to the unseen Energies in our Universe. It is a new concept which grew out of an awareness of the Runes of middle and northern Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain, and Ireland. It is not runic divination as previously understood and practiced.

Quantum physics deals with such small particles that they have been described by Dr. Nick Herbert as being more and more like consciousness. This appears to conform to Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance as unifying all of Nature, which he likened to Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious for humans. As experienced by Joe Ann Van Gelder, attorney-turned-dowser, the runes are other-dimensional forms of pulsating Energy which affect our third dimensional life in a manner consistent with both consciousness and morphic resonance.

In prehistoric times ancient Teutonic, Scandinavian and Celtic peoples used runes for sacred ceremonies, magical devices, and healing. This feminine, yin form, known as the "elder" runes, continues to be used in casting and ritual work. The masculine, yang form, known as the "younger" runes, was used as oracles and is used for divination still. Several distinct branches of runes were found within Central Europe, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Ireland. Although the number and design of symbols varied within these cultures, the awareness of the runic tradition was not lost.

In 1982 in America Ralph Blum popularized the "younger" (Futhark) runes. In 1986 P.M.H Atwater expanded America’s awareness of runes through her work with the "elder" runes. In 1989 Runic Energy Archetypal Concepts, channeled by the Archangel Urielle to Joe Ann Van Gelder while she was traveling in Scotland, changed the focus to the Energies which lie behind the runic symbols. Shortly after Joe Ann’s return to America the number of runes was expanded to 33 by Urielle, the feminine aspect of the Archangel Uriel.

Since 1990, the uses of the Runic Energy Archetypal Concepts have continued to evolve with the development of various Programs which remove one’s Energy Blockages, thus enhancing one’s well-being.


Levels of Consciousness in which
Runic Energy Archetypes exist and from which they function
(Quantum Physics term for these forms: Interference Patterns)

Souls Entering Human Form
choose parents/families/life situations
for a variety of reasons, one of which
is the vibratory pattern(s) offered
by the parents.

Angels, Devas, Overlighting Consciousness
Energy of all third dimensional
manifestations vibrate at one of these
Runic Energy frequencies
(plants, animals, gems, etc.)

Archetypal Energy Programs

. .